Ice Pauldron: part 3

Ice Pauldron

Adding Lights

To get the depth of the ice that I was looking for I decided to add some LED lights.   I bought a roll of white LED lights off of eBay ( I’ve seen them at Home Depot), and some 32 gauge wire and battery pack from Radio Shack. Then I scavenged a on/off switch from a flashlight.


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Ice Pauldron: part 2

How do you paint something to look like ice?

That’s the question I worked on for weeks. I did lots of research online with little success, so I just started experimenting.  I experimented with acrylic paint in various combinations, glass paint, and spray paint. All in different combinations.  Ice is more than just white or blue, it has a depth of color, a fading from shade to shade that I really just couldn’t capture.

Feb 2016 003

Here is what I came up with:

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Ice Pauldron: part 1

pauldron 1 small

This is my first post about my latest project, a Frozen Assassin’s Creed crossover cosplay.  The hardest element of this cosplay has been the ice pauldron and gauntlet. While most of this cosplay is in the style of Assassin’s Creed, I thought if Elsa was going to make her.e own set of armor, she would surly include some elements of ice into it

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