Ice Pauldron: part 3

Ice Pauldron

Adding Lights

To get the depth of the ice that I was looking for I decided to add some LED lights.   I bought a roll of white LED lights off of eBay ( I’ve seen them at Home Depot), and some 32 gauge wire and battery pack from Radio Shack. Then I scavenged a on/off switch from a flashlight.


The LED stripping makes it really easy. It has cutting lines between each light that has soldering points. So it’s just a matter of determining the wire lengths and putting the thing together.


This LED stripping had adhesive on one side so it made it easy to stick down to the bracer.  I cut holes in the foam to fit the battery and switch.

I filled the empty space between the LED lights and the transparency film with batting. This was to scatter the light and make it softer.  The picture on the left is without the batting, and then the batting on the right.  In addition to batting I sanded the LED bulbs themselves with helps with this.

Here is what the circuit looked like for the pauldron. A lot bigger but the same basic concept.




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