Doctor Who: Listen and Loneliness

There are a lot of things going on in the 4th episode of series 8, Listen; the music is sparse, and used very carefully; visually, there are a lot of reds and blues; there is a lot of mirroring and parallels in the stories and characters; really too much to cover all in one blog post. So for the sake of this blog, I’m going to focus on the idea of loneliness. Being alone is a universal fear that is especially poignant for the Doctor, and while on the surface it appears that the theme of this episode is fear, I think the deeper theme is the fear of being alone.

This episode starts with the Doctor alone, soliloquizing.  There are two great alone shots here that I’d like to point out

The first with the Doctor sitting in the lotus position on top of the TARDIS with the earth behind him. Neil Armstrong once said, “”It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth… I didn’t feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.”*normal_dw804hd0010 Continue reading


Let’s Take a Look Into the Dalek

“Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes.” –Daniel H. Pink*

Seeing things as they truly are is the theme of Into the Dalek.  This theme is reinforced by eye symbolism and eye/seeing references throughout the episode.  Let’s take a look!

We learn in the very first line that Journey Blue’s ship is called the Aristotle.  Now, I’m not into philosophy, but a little research revealed** that Aristotle thought that when an eye sees something, it becomes that thing.  If it sees the color red, it literally becomes red itself.  This idea, that we become what we see, is reflected several places in this episode.

The first shot once Journey Blue is on the TARDIS is looking up at the console from the floor; we are looking through Journey Blue’s eyes. The next shot is of Journey Blue on the floor, surrounded by little circles of light or little eyes. normal_dw802hd_0059The Doctor: “Dry your eyes, Journey Blue. Crying is for civilians. It’s how we communicate with you lot.”

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Dalek Pumpkin: a fanwork

On Verity Podcast this week they were discussing fanworks and defined it basically as any creative work inspired by media. They talked about mostly fanfiction, fanvids, and fan art, which is what also would immediately come to my mind if someone were to ask me about fanworks, but it was also mentioned that fanworks could be cosplay, or cookies, or music, or any number of things.  I thought of my jack-o-lantern.  When I was creating it, I didn’t think of it as fanwork, but now I see that it is.   I present you, the Dalek pumpkin.

Dalek pumpkin

FanFiction: Three Gifts for Clara

 Three Gifts for Clara

Summary: Three different times the Doctor gives Clara a gift after she has moved to live full time on the TARDIS. After the events of Last Christmas.  Clara x Twelve humor and sweet fluff.  Open to whouffaldi if you please.

Rating: Family Friendly

3,409 words.

“This is the last of it,” Clara declared after she pushed her way through the blue doors with a large box in her hands.

The Doctor didn’t look out from under the console where he was adjusting the time flow regulators. “I told you, the TARDIS can supply anything you need.”

“And I told you, if I’m going to be traveling with you full time, I need my own things.”

“Yes, ma’am,” came his muffled voice.

Clara struggled across the control room with the box. She approached the stairs to the lower level with trepidation. After a few attempts at readjusting her grip and wishing she had worn more sensible shoes, she let out an exasperated sigh. “You could help me with this,” she said.

“Put you back into it. I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

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Sanctuary Base 6 Space Suit: Convention Time

fanxThe morning dawns early on day three of FanX.  The night before I had put rainX on the inside of the helmet so it would not fog up*.  I also had laid out my motorcycle gloves and black snow boots. Everything is ready to go.

This morning the first panel is Billie Piper, so my daughter and I get in line with thousands of other con hopefuls an hour and twenty minutes early.Who family Continue reading

Sanctuary Base 6 Space Suit: Respirator

resperatorOkay, so I’ve tried to be really true to the costume up until this point.  Here is where I took a little artistic license.

Our water softener went out a few months ago, and my husband, being the handy guy that he is, replaced it. As he was tossing out the old softener I spotted some pieces on it that I thought I might be able to use for this build.

Jauary 2015 001I pulled this thing apart to see what we had and discovered this excellent casing.

Jauary 2015 002Do you see the potential here?

Jauary 2015 003So I cleaned it up and added some foam accents and some googly eyes. Then I sanded it so it would take paint.

Jauary 2015 011It took 4 cotes of black gloss spray paint. Then I added some more gunmetal highlights to give it that worn look.  When It was all finished the paint still chipped easily, so I added a coat of Mod Podge. Oh, and I glued on a hose just for effect.

Jauary 2015 013  My husband was kind enough to drill into the PVC and screw in the strap.  The respirator was ready to go!

Sanctuary Base 6 Space Suit: Suit

Jauary 2015 004

For the suit I bought this pair of orange coveralls off eBay for $15.00.  When they came they had a patch that said “NYC Thruway”.  I took of the patch as well as all the pockets.  I took out the zipper and sewed up the front.

Jauary 2015 007

I put a black zipper in the back.

Jauary 2015 005I walked around Joanne Fabric store with my jumpsuit and was lucky enough to find a orange fabric that matched almost perfectly. I took the collar off the jump suit and sewed on a cone collar, blue on the inside, orange on the out.  Then I hand sewed in the wooden ring at the top.

Jauary 2015 006After hand sewing in the ring I glued on this craft foam outer ring that I had cut, sewed, and molded.

Jauary 2015 008I also sewed on this strapping on the front and the Velcro straps on the legs. The last day I sewed on the orange patches and pocket on the arms, the shoulder straps and one pouch on the leg.  I’m afraid I didn’t take any pictures of those because it was the eleventh hour and I was rushing to finish.

I looked at a lot of screencaps from Kill the Moon to get the details.