Ice Pauldron: part 1

pauldron 1 small

This is my first post about my latest project, a Frozen Assassin’s Creed crossover cosplay.  The hardest element of this cosplay has been the ice pauldron and gauntlet. While most of this cosplay is in the style of Assassin’s Creed, I thought if Elsa was going to make her.e own set of armor, she would surly include some elements of ice into it

I did a lot of research in how to make a piece of armor look like ice with very little success. I did find this Ice Claw tutorial that got me set in the right direction with the material and I also took some inspiration from this gem tutorial.

Pattern Making: 

My first step was making a pattern out of paper.  I started with looking at pictures of Elsa’s ice and then trying to recreate it in 3d out of card stock.  This was a failure.  There were to many shapes and angles and I couldn’t figure it out.  I also tried shaping it with clay and met similar frustration. I then turned to Pepakura.   Pepakura is basically where you design something on the computer and then the program creates a paper pattern, then you put the paper pattern together like some sort of crazy drunken origami.  I found an armor pattern that looked ice like to me and then I printed the 30 or so pages and put the Pepakura together. It took me like 10 or so hours. It was crazy.  The pattern I chose was from a Skyrim armor.

pattern small

Putting it Together:

Now that I had a paper pattern pauldron, I needed to make it into a pattern.  I looked at my paper pattern and with a sharpie drew out some larger pattern pieces.  My plastic was flexible so it could bend and didn’t need to be nearly as fussy as the pepakura was. I wanted it to have fluidity but also angles.    When I had it drawn out into large pattern pieces, I then cut them out one by one and then immediately cut a piece out of the plastic and assembled it.  So as I was cutting apart the paper pauldron, I was assembling the new plastic one. That was so I didn’t lose track of the pieces or get confused. I couldn’t number or write on the plastic pieces at all.

 My Material:

I experimented with several different plastics for this.  I experimented with thicker plastics that you melt with heat and shape, but in the end decided to go with simple transparent plastic sheets that you use in your printer for crafts. I think it’s called Transparency Film.  I happened to have some laying around because I use it when I screen T-shirts.

I also experimented with several different types of glue., E6000 and hotglue, but in the end decided that simple transparent tape worked the best.

Feb 2016 004.JPG

I’m afraid I didn’t take a picture of the patterning or construction process.  Honestly, I was so tired and frustrated with it at the time that I didn’t think of it.  But here is the first picture from the painting process so you can see what they look like somewhat.  Here are the two pieces of the pauldron and the gauntlet.

More about the painting process to come.



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