Shellac for Sealing Foam?

What is Shellac?  Shellac is a fast drying transparent finish that is mostly used to seal wood, but can also be used on other surfaces.  It can be used as an undercoat or as a top coat. Shellac is a natural substance (made from bugs or something) and has been around forever.

Is it a good undercoating for foam?  Here is my experiment:


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Tacky Glue vs Plasti-dip: a comparison

Furthering my quest to discover the cheapest way to pre-treat EVA foam to get the best results I ran a little comparison between Elmer’s Tacky Glue and Plasti-dip.


These scraps of foam are all painted with 1 part Tacky Glue to 1 part water and then painted with one coat of metallic spray paint.   The numbers indicate how many coats of the glue that each piece got.  The gouged up foam was just so I could see what impact the tacky glue would have on imperfections.  Continue reading