Bumble Snow Monster Christmas Sweatshirt

My husband has been in need of an “ugly” Christmas sweater for a few years and I was complaining to my teenager that I couldn’t find one in the stores.  She said, “Mom, if you can make a space suit, you can make an ugly Christmas sweater.”  Oh, the guilt.

December 2014 010I started by drawing it to size on a large sheet of paper.  I cut out the different parts to make a pattern. I labeled hands and feet right and left so I wouldn’t get confused.

December 2014 011  I pinned my pattern to a fur skirt I had picked up for a couple of bucks second hand and cut out the pieces.

December 2014 013  I cut the hands, feet, face, mouth, teeth out of craft felt.

December 2014 014  I sewed on eyes, teeth, nose first.

December 2014 016   Then sewed on the fur. Straight stitch first, and then finishing off with a zig zag stitch so the fur wouldn’t shed.

December 2014 018   I pinned it into the sweatshirt.  First going around it with a single stitch, then finishing the fur portions with a zig zag. I did switch thread colors with the hands, feet and star.

December 2014 022  Wha lah!  One obnoxious Christmas sweatshirt that can be worn on ugly sweater day at work.  Total project took me about four hours.  Total cost around $10.00.