2005 Cyberman: Helmet

head side I’ve finished the helmet and now I only have a couple of problems.  Originally I was going to have my husband wear this cyberman. He was a bit hesitant about the idea (he, generally being a shy guy) but agreed because he loves me.  However, when we go the helmet on his head we realized one major problem.  He can not wear the helmet and his glasses; he is practically blind without his glasses.   This was enough excuse for him to bow out of the cyberman wearing agreement. Next problem.  This helmet is too big for me or my teenaged daughter to wear.  This pattern builds a cyberman that fits a 6’2″ man that weighs over 200 lbs.  I’m like a 30% less human size than that. My final problem is that now that I’ve been cutting with my bandsaw-from-the-gods I see all the flaws in this helmet.  Conclusion: I’d like to remake this, but I’m not going to do it right now.  I’m going to press forward with the rest of the suit. If I still have enough passion when I’m done to make another helmet, then I will.   cyberman head


My New Ryobi Tabletop Bandsaw Sent from the Gods!

I had a conversation with my doctor a couple months ago. I’ve been having some numbness and tingling in my right thumb that flares up mostly when I’m crafting, specifically when I use scissors or a box-cutter.  At times it’s gotten bad. I’ve worked on a project and my thumb has tingled for days afterwards.  So in addition to wearing a wrist brace when I craft,  my doctor also told me to cut back on those activities.  “How much do you really need to use a box-cutter,” my doctor joked. “You have no idea,” I replied.

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