Ice Pauldron: part 1

pauldron 1 small

This is my first post about my latest project, a Frozen Assassin’s Creed crossover cosplay.  The hardest element of this cosplay has been the ice pauldron and gauntlet. While most of this cosplay is in the style of Assassin’s Creed, I thought if Elsa was going to make her.e own set of armor, she would surly include some elements of ice into it

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2005 Cyberman: Gloves and Trying on the Suit

June 2015 010 I think making the gloves was one of the more difficult parts of making this suit. And honestly, by the time I got to making the gloves I was tired. I had been working on the cyber suit for months, and to have to do one more thing felt impossible.   But I soldiered on because the hands are so critical to the 2005 cyberman.

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Let’s Build a Mannequin

mannequin 10While building this cyberman something became clear, I needed a mannequin.  I just did. I kept building parts and then put them on myself and looking in the mirror to see if they were fitting right and it just wasn’t working.  I investigated getting an adjustable dress mannequin but those are costly and don’t have arms and legs.  I’m a real sized middle-aged lady, not a size 0,so I couldn’t just buy a store mannequin. Then I saw a post in the 13th Cyber Leagion on Facebook. Some fellow who had built a full sized Groot costume had put up some youtube tutorials, and one was on how to build a duct tape mannequin.   My birthday was coming up so I decided that this is what I wanted to get/do for my birthday.  I know. Crazy.  After watching several tutorials, and having to make modifications for being female, we gave it a try.

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2005 Cyberman: Mask

I know I hinted that Missy would be my next cosplay project, but then I got to thinking how cool would it be if Missy had a cyberman.  I did a little research and a little more and discovered that this wonderful crafter named wondersquid on RPF had made a pattern for a 2005 Cyberman and made them available.    Now honestly, I know that Missy didn’t use the 2005 cyberman,  and in my opinion, the 2013 cybermen are much cooler looking, but it’s also true that the 2013 cybermen are much more detailed and difficult.    So weighing all my options and experience I decided to give the pattern and the 2005 cyberman a try, then if I want to, I’ll have more of an experience base to design my own 2013 cyberman.

cyberman side by sideI made a donation and I got a download of the Cyberman pattern.  I had to get it printed on large paper so I took it to my local copy place and paid $5.00 for the 30 or so copies. The pattern can be tricky at time, but luckily there are a lot of pictures online, so between the pictures and the pattern I’ve been able to figure it out so far. Continue reading

Sanctuary Base 6 Space Suit: Convention Time

fanxThe morning dawns early on day three of FanX.  The night before I had put rainX on the inside of the helmet so it would not fog up*.  I also had laid out my motorcycle gloves and black snow boots. Everything is ready to go.

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The Doctor Who Experience

Yeah, today I was just hanging out with Matt Smith, Billie Piper, and Karen Gillan. No big deal.  It was just me and them and several thousand other rabid Who fans. Even though I’ve watched many of these panels online, it still made me mist up just a little when these Who actors took the stage at my local con.  Matt and Karen are My Doctor and Companion, the first ones this face saw, and while Capaldi and Coleman has maybe taken tops for my affections, there will always be a special place in my heart for these two.   All three actors were lovely and it was a real joy to be in a room with so many other fans and their amazing energy and enthusiasm.

doctor who actorsAnother great thing about Doctor Who is that it is something I share with my family. None of them are as big a fan as I am, but my teenage daughter is close.  Here is a picture of us in front of the TARDIS at the con.  We are in my Eleventh Doctor 7b cosplay and my new Twelfth Cosplay.  I haven’t taken the time to get good pictures of these costumes, but we had a fun time wearing them today.


A few other random observations about the con.  In the first two days of the con I have only seen one other Twelfth Doctor cosplayer.  There are Eleventh Doctor  cosplayers everywhere.  While, I admit, it may be somewhat related to the fact that Matt Smith was at our con, I was still surprised.  I also expected to see a lot of Missy’s but I only saw one, and that one wasn’t outstanding.  (I’m seriously thinking Missy as my next cosplay. That would be very sewing intensive.)   On the flip-side, we counted 38 TARDIS dresses. We even saw one or two we liked.