2005 Cyberman: Time to Paint

Me at a job interview, a true story:

Interviewer: So what are some of your interests and hobbies.

Me: Uh…. (thinking of the cyberman body parts staked in my backyard like I’m some sort of witch doctor) … I like to read.

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2005 Cyberman: Undersuit

Here is a picture I got from the internet of the actual undersuits used on the show.  I believe they are some sort of rubber.


I ordered a body suit off of eBay from China.  I wanted a suit without a face, which I couldn’t find locally.  The good thing about the suit from china was that I sent my measurements, and they made it custom, at about the same cost as what I could have bought at a Halloween store.  The down side, is that I ended up having to resew some of the seams, as they were cheaply done. Continue reading