Ice Pauldron: part 2

How do you paint something to look like ice?

That’s the question I worked on for weeks. I did lots of research online with little success, so I just started experimenting.  I experimented with acrylic paint in various combinations, glass paint, and spray paint. All in different combinations.  Ice is more than just white or blue, it has a depth of color, a fading from shade to shade that I really just couldn’t capture.

Feb 2016 003

Here is what I came up with:

painting 1 small

One layer of white glass paint.  This is paint designed to look like stained glass. This gives it a crystal like texture and catches the light. It also helps the spray paint stick.

spray paint

A very light misting of white spray paint, thicker at the bottom, and very scant at the tips to give it translucence and depth.

grey spray paint

Grey spray paint at the base to give it depth.

I suppose you could add a little blue as well, but I didn’t want the blue for my costume.

finishedfinished close

Here is the finished paint job.

Note: At this point I’d add some sort of sealant. I had a problem with this paint cracking and flaking as I worked to put this on the pauldron.  Maybe some sort of sealer would keep that from happening. 


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