2005 Cyberman: Lights, Strapping, and Voice Changing

 Lights!cyberman construction 003

A key feature of the cyberman is that his mouth lights up as he talks.  I experimented with a couple of ways to do this, and here is what I settled on.

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2005 Cyberman: Time to Paint

Me at a job interview, a true story:

Interviewer: So what are some of your interests and hobbies.

Me: Uh…. (thinking of the cyberman body parts staked in my backyard like I’m some sort of witch doctor) … I like to read.

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2005 Cyberman: Undersuit

Here is a picture I got from the internet of the actual undersuits used on the show.  I believe they are some sort of rubber.


I ordered a body suit off of eBay from China.  I wanted a suit without a face, which I couldn’t find locally.  The good thing about the suit from china was that I sent my measurements, and they made it custom, at about the same cost as what I could have bought at a Halloween store.  The down side, is that I ended up having to resew some of the seams, as they were cheaply done. Continue reading

Sanctuary Base Spacesuit Photo Shoot

My daughter came home from college with her fancy camera and I asked her do do a photo shoot with me in my Sanctuary Base Space Suit.  So we drove to a spot not far from our home that I thought might pass as a moon scape.  The clouds rolled in and thunder and lighting lit the sky, by the end of our shoot it had started to rain.  I asked my other teenage girl to photoshop the backgrounds so they were black and white and these photos were the result.  Please do not repost my photos without permission.







Let’s Build a Mannequin

mannequin 10While building this cyberman something became clear, I needed a mannequin.  I just did. I kept building parts and then put them on myself and looking in the mirror to see if they were fitting right and it just wasn’t working.  I investigated getting an adjustable dress mannequin but those are costly and don’t have arms and legs.  I’m a real sized middle-aged lady, not a size 0,so I couldn’t just buy a store mannequin. Then I saw a post in the 13th Cyber Leagion on Facebook. Some fellow who had built a full sized Groot costume had put up some youtube tutorials, and one was on how to build a duct tape mannequin.   My birthday was coming up so I decided that this is what I wanted to get/do for my birthday.  I know. Crazy.  After watching several tutorials, and having to make modifications for being female, we gave it a try.

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2005 Cyberman: Helmet

head side I’ve finished the helmet and now I only have a couple of problems.  Originally I was going to have my husband wear this cyberman. He was a bit hesitant about the idea (he, generally being a shy guy) but agreed because he loves me.  However, when we go the helmet on his head we realized one major problem.  He can not wear the helmet and his glasses; he is practically blind without his glasses.   This was enough excuse for him to bow out of the cyberman wearing agreement. Next problem.  This helmet is too big for me or my teenaged daughter to wear.  This pattern builds a cyberman that fits a 6’2″ man that weighs over 200 lbs.  I’m like a 30% less human size than that. My final problem is that now that I’ve been cutting with my bandsaw-from-the-gods I see all the flaws in this helmet.  Conclusion: I’d like to remake this, but I’m not going to do it right now.  I’m going to press forward with the rest of the suit. If I still have enough passion when I’m done to make another helmet, then I will.   cyberman head