Missy Goes to SL Comic Con

Missy tardisI had a fabulous time at Salt Lake Comic Con.  I dressed all three days as Missy.  Missy is a great character to portray and I had a great time wearing her skin for a few days.  I ended up alone for one of the days and it might have been one of my favorite days because it forced me to meet and talk to new people. I even had lunch with someone (another cyberman builder) who I had only met online.

Jenna Coleman was one of the guests and I waited in line to ask her a question.  When I made it to the microphone she called me “Missy” and told me I had a great costume.  The camera panned to me and the entire audience (5000+) applauded and cheered.  It was amazing, and I was so happy to be able to ask Ms Coleman my question.

Bolstered by that experience I also asked questions that same day of Felicia Day and Christopher Gorham (who I was able to meet later in person).

I took hundreds of pictures with people, half of which thought I was Mary Poppins. I even had one father ask me to discipline his children (?).  If they called me Mary I’d be sure to smile in the photo, but if they knew I was Missy I was able to scowl, smirk, and I even got to kill an Osgood or two with my device.

Cosplay folks we met

It was also really great to spend some of the time with my teenage daughter, who had made her second ever cosplay.  She also got stopped for a lot of pictures and had a really good time.


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