2005 Cyberman: Lights, Strapping, and Voice Changing

 Lights!cyberman construction 003

A key feature of the cyberman is that his mouth lights up as he talks.  I experimented with a couple of ways to do this, and here is what I settled on.

sound controlled ledThis is a sound controlled LED kit.  I bought my pre-assembled for around $4.00.  I got mine of eBay but have seen them at other hobby sites.

Now it’s just a matter of powering my circuit board.  This is where my new soldering skills that I gained making the space suit came in.

I soldered my board to a flashlight on/off switch and a 3V battery.

cyberman construction 002

Then it was just a matter of hot-gluing it into the helmet.


I found after wearing the suit that I needed some sort of strapping system.  Most of the suit is held in place by pressure, but I found that I was pulling up the thigh pieces as I walked. I tried a few different things.  First I added Velcro to the suit, and then Velcro to the inside of the thigh piece.   Then I tried running a long piece of Velcro from the thigh piece to the jacket.  Neither of those options worked very well.

cyberman construction 009Finally this is what I came up with.  It’s 1 inch strapping with plastic clip.  It connect the suit to the thigh piece.  This feels really secure and give me a lot more confidence when I walk around.

cyberman construction 005

Most of the guys to make this suit just pull the chest piece over their heads.  But that didn’t work for me and my figure, so I cut a slice down the side of the suit and added these velcro attachments.  This is industrial velcro, the kind you use to hang fire extinguishers on the wall.

Voice Changer

It took only one outing in the cyberman for me to realize that I must have some way to communicate with people.  I suppose if I were a man I could just talk in a cyberman voice, but being a woman, that didn’t work for me.  After doing a lot of research I settled on this:

cyberman construction 004

It’s a SXD voice changer from China.  It cost me $35 and it’s basically crap but it gets the job done and it’s an affordable option0

.cyberman construction 007

Do you see that strap poking out in a loop at the top of this picture? That is where I strap the voice changer box in. It sits right on my chest behind the Cybrus logo. I then run the microphone up into the helmet.

Here is my script when I am a Cyberman. It doesn’t lend to a lot of conversation but it gets the job done:


You will be upgraded.

You will become like us.

Upgrading is compulsory.

We are called Cybermen.

You are incompatible.

You are inferior. Man will be reborn as Cyberman.


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