2005 Cyberman: Gloves and Trying on the Suit

June 2015 010 I think making the gloves was one of the more difficult parts of making this suit. And honestly, by the time I got to making the gloves I was tired. I had been working on the cyber suit for months, and to have to do one more thing felt impossible.   But I soldiered on because the hands are so critical to the 2005 cyberman.

June 2015 011These are your basic cheep gardening gloves. The kind with the vinyl coating. The red foam is your basic 2 mm craft foam, and the brown is 3mm.  It’s gulled together with contact cement.

June 2015 013Trying on the entire suit for the first time is kind of surreal. Visibility is low. Walking is awkward and stairs are tricky.

cyberman frontcyberman back


One comment on “2005 Cyberman: Gloves and Trying on the Suit

  1. Your build is fantastic. I’m working on mine right now and got stumped on those hands. Thanks for posting the photos. It didn’t look right to me but that’s the way it worked for you too so at least it’s not me!


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