2005 Cyberman: Almost Ready for Paint

I’m a busy mom and I teach part time so sometimes I’ll go days without having time to work on my cyberman. I steal hours away when I can, and I’m happy to report that I am almost ready to paint.

Here are a few photos of my progress:

SAMSUNGI mentioned in an earlier post that I am using a pattern I downloaded to make the cyberman.  I also mentioned that the pattern is designed to fit a large man, and I am an average sized woman.  This has led to a lot of challenges. I went and had the pattern printed at a 15% reduced size.  That didn’t really work, because the pieces were still too large around, but now they were not tall enough.  So I’ve been making them all out of paper first and then making new patterns that fit my body.  It’s been a long and tedious process.

cyberman 2This is the original vest that I made from the larger size pattern. Once I got this on my mannequin I realized how badly it fit, so I went in a made a lot of changes. I had to cut down the length on the shoulder, and change the angle under my arms.  I cut a triangle out under each arm to bring it in towards my side. I cut a triangle out at the chest to make it more fitting.  I also had to change the back, I brought it in on the top a lot more to compensate for my shoulders being narrower.


The leg pieces have been the hardest, as they have an under layer, and a top decorative layer.  Once glued then I sanded it all down to look like one piece.

cyberman 5I have made so many dumb mistakes along the way.  Some pieces I’ve made 3 or 4 times before I got them right.  Like in the photo above. Do you see what I did?  I cut the vents on my right leg on the wrong side.  Part of me said that it was a little thing and no one would notice, but I know that I would always notice, so I redid it.

cyberman progressSo here is where I am.  I just finished a second mask. This one is 7% smaller than the one pictured.  I’m now working on the bolt details.  Next I will add the PVC pipe, and work on the undersuit.  Then it’s time to paint.


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