2005 Cyberman: Mask

I know I hinted that Missy would be my next cosplay project, but then I got to thinking how cool would it be if Missy had a cyberman.  I did a little research and a little more and discovered that this wonderful crafter named wondersquid on RPF had made a pattern for a 2005 Cyberman and made them available.    Now honestly, I know that Missy didn’t use the 2005 cyberman,  and in my opinion, the 2013 cybermen are much cooler looking, but it’s also true that the 2013 cybermen are much more detailed and difficult.    So weighing all my options and experience I decided to give the pattern and the 2005 cyberman a try, then if I want to, I’ll have more of an experience base to design my own 2013 cyberman.

cyberman side by sideI made a donation and I got a download of the Cyberman pattern.  I had to get it printed on large paper so I took it to my local copy place and paid $5.00 for the 30 or so copies. The pattern can be tricky at time, but luckily there are a lot of pictures online, so between the pictures and the pattern I’ve been able to figure it out so far.

P1150868P1150867This build has been really different from others I’ve done for a couple of reasons.  First of all, the man who designed this isn’t into shaping foam with a heat gun; he makes all his shapes by cutting multiple pieces and gluing them together.  I would design it by having larger pieces, shaping them with heat and then embossing or burning in details.   Since this is a robot, and angels are key,  wondersquid’s way is probably superior, but it’s a learning curve for me.

P1150869This mask represents a weekend of work.  You can see what I mean by geometric shapes and cuts.

I also want to mention that with this build I’m using contact cement, rather than hot glue.  While it takes more time, it’s much cleaner and creates superior angles and bonds then I was getting with hot glue. I like it so much that I don’t think I’ll ever go back.


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