Sanctuary Base Space Suit: Helmet Part 6 Painting

Ready to Plasti Dip

It’s winter here and temperatures are in the teens, so I have to paint in the garage.  I moved out the cars, covered some things with towels and put up a large box behind my helmet to catch the spray.  Plasti Dip is not bad with over spray, as it is rather thick, but the smell is very powerful.

Plasti Dip

It took three coats to cover it all.  I confess that this was my first experience using the stuff.  I had hoped it would fill in more of the small pits and cracks in the foam than it did, but what it did give me is a nice consistent surface that would take the paint evenly.

Spray Paint

I decided to leave the front visor area with just the plasti dip. I liked the texture it gave, and didn’t think paint would look as good.  The rest I painted with high gloss yellow spray paint. It took a good seven coats.  And while the plasti dip wasn’t a problem in the garage, the yellow spraypaint, even with the box and other measures, left a fine yellow dusting over everything.

Paiting Details

After letting it dry 24 hours I hand painted in details with acrylic paint.  I used a black wash to fill in shadows. It took several coats of paint to get my screw heads silver, then I accented them with gunmetal and white.

painting details 3

It still didn’t have the greasy sort of look I wanted to I went in and dry brushed it.

Painting details 4

Lastly, to give the impression of wearing, I painted edges and ridges with gunmetal. I even gave it a few scratches here and there.  I kept thinking about what surfaces would be getting rubbed or abused and tried to paint accordingly.

Painting details 2


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