Sanctuary Base 6 Space Suit: Helmet, Part 4

???????????????????To get the general shape right, I’ve added 2 more layers of foam to the sides. The brown foam is a 4mm craft foam I had left over from another project. I’ve drawn in pencil the angle I want when I sand it down.

???????????????????Here is  the piece after the first sanding with a dremel.  I went on and sanded it even more after this picture, especially the back part so it would be more curved.  Don’t forget the mask and safety glasses.  Especially since I’m using hotglue, the sander heats it up so much that it turns the hotglue into little flying puddles of burning.

January 2015 008I tried to get as close as I could to the original with the doohickeys on the side.  I just cut them out of both 2 and 4 mm craft foam.  Some of them I heated and shaped.  I also used some pieces from a flashlight, and also some gears I bought at the craft store. The black piping I’m using for this is a wire cover pipe called flex tubing or split loom pipe.  You can buy it at any hardware store. I had one size, and the bought some off eBay for $4.00, but I’ve seen it at Harbor Freight for $3.00.   In this pic I have pinned all the little details in place to make sure I like where they are positioned.

January 2015 010The googly eyes will serve as the rivets once I paint. I will be applying Plasti Dip so at this point I’m only gluing on things that will be covered.



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