Sanctuary Base 6 Space Suit: Helmet Part 3

So before I go any further on my helmet construction I have to figure out two things.

#1 How is this going to sit on my head.

#2 How is it going to be wired for lights?

I would hate to put on all the doodads and dinglehopers and then realize that I had to cut them off because I had to run wiring here or there. Or that it was too heavy or lopsided and wouldn’t sit on my head.

faceThe face shield I am using for this project is a SAS Deluxe Face Shield.  I bought it at Harbor Freight for like $13.00 bucks or so.   The shield sits snug on your head and raises up and down.  I took that thing apart and built the head piece into my helmet.

???????????????????I had to build it up a bit with foam pieces to get it in the location I wanted.  But it is fairly stable, light and comfortable.

???????????????????Confession:  The only thing I know about electronics and circuits is what I learned from playing with those radio kits when I was a kid.  I like to do things on the cheep/free, it’s part of the fun for me (anyone can spend lots of money and get a cool costume – where’s the sport in that?), so this circuit is built from christmas lights wire, a LED flashlight, and a LED toy sword my son didn’t play with anymore.   I soldered it into a circuit complete with battery pack and on/off switch.  the process was pretty much trial and error. If putting a wire a certain way made the lights turn on, then I soldered it in. If not, then I didn’t.  It’s done and it lights up when I press the button, so, so far so good.

???????????????????Here is the top piece where most of the lights will go.  The plastic part there is that toy swords I was telling you about that I cut up with a hacksaw.  The curves and angles on this were tricky.


I decided that I’m going to light up the top light, and bar, and then the light at the chin level. I’m not doing any of the internal lights that shine directly on the face.


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