Princess Aprons Part 4 – Finished!

Rapunzel Apron

I took the top half of my apron and I laid it on a piece of newspaper and traced it.  Then I drew on what I thought the bodice shape should be and cut it out.  That was my pattern.

December 2014 006

Because my fabric was just a cheep polyester, it needed a little more thickness, so I cut out some interfacing, the size that I wanted the finished project to be, then I cut out the fabric a half inch larger than that interfacing.   Then it was just a matter of pinning it on the apron and sewing it on.

december 2014 005

I crisscrossed some 1/4 inch ribbon to give the corset look that is so classic to this dress, and sewed it in at the same time I was sewing the bodice on the apron.  Then finished it off by adding one inch pink ribbon at the waist and 1/2 inch gathered lace at the bottom that I happened to have lying around.


  • Apron: $4.00 off eBay
  • Pink polyester fabric: $2.00 off the clearance rack at walmart.
  • Purple thread: $2.00 (can you believe i didn’t have any?)
  • Total: $8.00

Anna Frozen Apron

I had some heavier black polyester for the bodice for the Anna dress. Again, this was just a fabric I had lying around.   I made another pattern by tracing the shape of the apron on newspaper, and then just sketching out what I thought the bodace shape should be.  Then I traced that pattern onto the black fabric.   Anna’s dress has this great embroidery, and I thought a lot about how to recreate that in an easy and washable way (these are kitchen aprons after all), and I settled upon just cutting out some shapes out of felt and zigzag stitching them on.

???????????????????It had to be really simple, so this is what I came up with. I just drew the shapes I wanted onto a piece of paper, and then used that as a pattern.  I cut the shapes out of felt and then pinned them on the bodice.  Then I just ran around the edges of the shapes with a zigzag stitch. I did have some puckering problems.  I could have avoided that if I had ironed some interfacing on the back of this bodice before I stitched on the pattern. I was just being lazy.


I went through the same process for the skirt details. This time I basted on the pattern, rather than pinning, and that seemed to work better, but it also took a lot more time.

december 2014 003

I sewed the bodice to the top of the apron (remember, I had cut the top off from the bottom).  Then I gathered the bottom and sewed it all back together.  I finished it off with some gold ribbon.


  • Blue Apron: $4.00 off eBay
  • Gold Ribbon: $2.50 from walmart
  • Blue Thread: (again I needed to buy thread. It’s embarrassing) $2.00
  • Total: $8.50

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