Doctor Who: Dark Water and Princess Aprons part 1

Confession: since it was aired six days ago I’ve watched Dark Water five times, and yes, that’s right, I’m going to watch it again. I’m also starting a new project today, Princess Aprons for my teenage daughters and not be left out, a Minecraft Apron for my son  (I considered a prince apron for him, Hans maybe, but he’d never go for it).

The TV Show

So when I went to watch this episode for the first time, I considered grabbing some tissues as I headed for the couch but then thought, “no, it’s the first half of a two-parter. I won’t need tissues until the second part.”  And then there I was, 15 minutes in, crying my eyes out, running for TP in the bathroom because, stupidly, I don’t keep a tissue box downstairs.  That’s a fine start.  Even now, I can’t take out my project until I get past the volcano and Clara/Twelve scenes.

There are so many great bits here:

The sticky tabs on the bookshelf,

clara tabs

Clara’s halo, or crown,


Clara’s eyes, dark and large when she talks to the Doctor on the phone.

clara's eyes

Dark water anyone?

Did you catch the key in The Time Traveler’s Wife? Interestingly, the only modern looking book on the Doctor’s shelves.

Both, Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi are acting there socks off here and they totally sell the volcano scene, a scene that could have felt fake or forced, is beautiful and tragic all at the same time.

clara key clara leaf 1

“A future that never got lived, days that should have been that never were, This isn’t just the past, it’s a whole future that never happened.” Rings of Akhaten

inner eye 1inner eye

Clara’s dream patch, reminded me of this scene from Fires of Pompeii.

Ok, yeah, I’m tearing up again. Will I ever watch this Doctor/Clara exchange without getting emotional? Perhaps not.

On the Verity! Podcast, Deb commented that the Doctor forgiving Clara made her think of Christianity, and unconditional love. She was shot down by her fellow podcasters, but I have to agree with Deb here, in that I did make a religious connection with the Doctor saying, “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference.”    This is a religious undertone I caught on to in Kill the Moon when Clara says to the doctor “That was you, my friend, making me scared.”  It made me think of the idea of a Supreme Creator, who supposedly loves us, but then sends us to earth alone, to work things out on our own and to face hardships.  Religion tells us to trust God, that he loves us, but the reality is that even the faithful sometimes feel betrayed and abandoned.   Take that full circle to this episode, and the Doctor’s reassurances to Clara; it feels like a resolution of that subtext.  Even though God leaves people alone, to work out their own issues, he loves them unconditionally.  In this case, the Doctor is willing to, quite literally, go to Hell for Clara.

And then there is the creepy, yet oddly helpful, Seb, and poor Danny in the Nethersphere.  We all suspected we’d be learning about Danny’s bad day since it was first hinted at in Listen, and here is the revelation. No big surprises here.   This is another scene that is sold on the acting chops of Samuel Anderson, and Chris Addison.  It’s nice to see SA get something that he can really sink his teeth into, seeing as his character has been a little flat since The Caretaker.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big surprise since BBC has been showing images of Cybermen in promo material for the last month or so. but still, the reveal of the tomb and the throne sitting skeletons was truly creepy.  I was one of the suckers that bought into Missy being a robot (thought I admit I was disappointed- “is that all there is to it?”)

And the Missy/Doctor kiss!  And Clara’s face!  So nice that they give us little comedic breaks between the emotional turmoil.


There are hints of cybermen throughout the episode.  In fact, hints have been given throughout the whole series, if you go back and look for them.  I first noticed the eye/teardrop motif on Missy’s wall in The Forest of the Night, but in retrospect it also appeared on the spaceship nav in Robots of Sherwood, on the vault map of Time Heist, and in the promo material for Kill the Moon.  Well played Moffat.


Do you see it there?

But even the densest of fans couldn’t miss this big hit-you-over-the-head-with-a-hammer hint.


Not just the doors, but the cyberman theme blasting. It wasn’t a smooth music cut either, it just came blasting in very obvious and in a different key.

Meanwhile, Danny and Clara have their heartbreaking conversation.  Gosh Danny, can you not think of one thing to say to Clara that would prove your identity?  Surely, you talked about something for the past year or so, or however long you’ve been dating.  This was the only place in the whole story where I was frustrated a bit with the writing. I really don’t think Danny is that dense.

The slow reveal of the draining water was perfect, perhaps the best reveal of a baddie ever.  And I especially loved the camera work on the focusing on the cyberman behind Clara, and then she turns to see it.  Ah! So great!


Am I the only one that jumped to the River Song conclusion when Missy said that she was a ‘Time Lady’ that the Doctor had abandoned using a computer to suck up people’s intelligences?  Yes? Well, I can be slow at times.  I’m glad Missy is the Master. There really was no other solution that would be as satisfying. Some twisted River Song, or future Clara gone bad, or new original character would have all been a disappointment (or heartbreak).  But the Master. Yes. Creepy Mary Poppins. So many possibilities! I hope she sticks around for awhile.

The Project

I first saw princess aprons at comic con this summer. They were frilly princess dresses for the little ones.  Then I saw the more practical aprons online for the grown up types, and I thought that they were perfect for my teenage girls, who are, after all, just grownup princesses at heart.  All the kids like cooking and their aprons are pretty old and outdated.

Here are a few images of what has inspired me:

This is a pattern from Etsy

There is a tutorial for this Anna apron here.

And then for my boy:

I can’t find a link for this one, but I grabbed this pic of pinterest.

Now, I could buy fabric and sew these up, cute as could be.  But I want them to be real, usable aprons, that you can get dirty and I also wanted to make them fast and cheep. So I bought some colored aprons off of eBay for like $3.50 each.  Now I just need to look through my fabric scraps and make a plan.

Unfortunately, I got so wrapped up in the episode and posting screen shots, that all I got finished this time is taking the aprons out of the wrappers and sending them through the wash.  They aren’t exactly the colors I wanted, but I will make do.  Hopefully, as I go I will work out a better balance between reviewing and crafting.

Until next time.



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